In our spin test stands we can reliably prove the durability of prototypes, single components and small series for you.

Type tests / type examinations according to EN ISO 15641 or similar and endurance tests (LCF test) are possible.

Rotors from a few grams up to 300 kg and with up to 300,000 rpm can be tested on our spin test stands.

Necessary rotor fixtures and adapters are designed by us if required and manufactured directly in the connected manufacturing workshop.

During a spin test, the work piece characteristics such as maximum operating speed and bursting speed can be determined.
In the course of an expansion measurement, the deformation (dynamic expansion) of the components can also be measured via the speed during these tests.
There is also the option of recording the test procedure using a high-speed camera.

You will receive detailed reports with expert opinions and previous finite element calculations of your components. Furthermore we can advise you on the optimization of your components.

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